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Thang Dao Dance Company Participates in LaunchPAD “Process as Destination”

(New York, NY- December 9th, 2021) Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, is proud to announce LaunchPAD “Process as Destination.” Over a period of two years, the pandemic recovery initiative will support artists through their creative process by knitting together a region-wide network of sequenced and made-to-measure fully funded residencies and public showings.

Recognizing that performing artists continue to face vulnerabilities including unstable income, lack of access to rehearsal space, and limited opportunities for prolonged collaborations outside of requisite productions and finished premieres, Works & Process fosters a new model for collaboration with LaunchPAD. The program weaves together a constellation of at least eight residency partners throughout the Hudson Valley and Long Island that will collectively and cohesively support New York performing artists. Works & Process will provide collaborators with living wages, transportation, and healthcare insurance, while residency partners will provide studio and theater space and housing. As a result, each LaunchPAD project will receive prolonged support through a series of sequenced and fully funded residencies across different geographic regions and residency spaces that respond to artists needs in a made-to-measure way. When ready, select LaunchPAD projects will premiere at Works & Process at the Guggenheim as well as with partnering presenters.

LaunchPAD underscores the Works & Process core mission to support artists and illuminate the creative process. LaunchPAD will serve as an incubator encouraging artists and audiences to embrace artistic process as destination, with an understanding that how work is created is as important as the final product. Woven into each LaunchPAD residency will be classes, open rehearsals, and in-process show-and-tell sessions that will encourage appreciation for the complexities of the artistic process and build future audiences for its performing artists. LaunchPAD will support today’s leading performing artists and nature a vast array of performing arts disciplines and historically marginalized artists.

Continuing our pandemic response, LaunchPAD demonstrates how performing arts organizations can collectively and more cohesively support artistic process. A two-year pilot, LaunchPAD will annually support at least ten process-driven, new work development opportunities for over one hundred artists, with 40 weeks of artist residency each year. LaunchPAD is a direct extension of Works & Process’s successful and pioneering bubble residency program, which produced 25 Covid-free residencies in the Hudson Valley for 247 artists at the height of the pandemic from August 2020 to June 2021.

Bridget Street Theatre was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2013 in a derelict 12,000-square-foot factory building at 44 West Bridge Street in Catskill, New York. In thanks in large part to grant monies from the New York State Department of Homes and Community Renewal, the building has since been completely converted and now houses an intimate 84-seat auditorium; a smaller cabaret–flex performance space, which also serves as the main theater’s lobby; a large warehouse space utilized mainly for storage but which has also hosted large-scale sculpture and art exhibitions; administrative office space; dressing rooms and a lounge area for performers; public restrooms; and a four-bedroom living area on the building’s second floor used to house visiting artists. The building serves mainly as a home for Bridge Street Theatre productions, and is also available to outside theater and performing groups and residencies. Because of its location adjacent to Catskill High School, it is also able to provide theatrical opportunities for local students.

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Thang Dao Dance Company will take part in LaunchPAd from March 21st-April 1st at Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, New York. Dancers Mary Ann Massa, Brayden Singley, Elijah Carter, and Fana Tesfagiorgis will join choreographer Thang Dao in his creative process. The creative team includes Shaun Clarke (Director), Daniel Jacobs (Director of Photography), and James Lindsay (Composer).

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